Quarterly Offerings

Once per quarter, the Utah Fiber Collective will be releasing a curated collection of fiber-related items on our etsy shop. We will focus on themes related to joy, the love of color and texture, and the great state of Utah. Offerings may include indie-dyed yarn, local fibers and handspun yarn, knitting or crochet patterns, and whatever the contributing members dream up. Follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks and news related to releases and follow the link below to shop.

The Utah Fiber Collective Etsy Shop


The Utah Fiber Collective is a collaborative network of artisans and crafters. Indie dyers, designers, quilters, fiber farmers, and any other artisan who creates fiber-related items can join us. Please contact the collective for information. Patrons of the arts are knitters, crocheters, sewists, spinners, and more! We welcome you and hope we can come together in a spirit of uplifting, building, and buoying. We will demand a harmonious atmosphere where all are welcome as long as we ascribe to the values of dignity, respect, inclusion, and love.

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